E-Governance Consulting

Government and public sector organisations are continually seeking innovative answers to complex challenges as they strive to provide higher quality, lower cost services and ensure sustainable economic development, increased accountability and a better environment for their citizens.

TNS combines leading public and private sector practice with an understanding of diverse needs, focusing on building organisations’ capability to deliver improved services. Drawing on years of experience from across the globe, we can work with you to help strengthen your organisation, deliver value for money and achieve lasting improvement.

Local government

Local government is constantly under scrutiny and faces on-going demands to improve. Cost efficiency, sound governance, reduced risk and effective financial planning can help local authorities to deliver the results they need to satisfy the public, their partners and regulators.

Innovation, collaboration and sustainability

Our experienced local government team has a practical approach and works in a way that suits your individual needs. We provide specialist assurance, advisory and consultancy services to local authorities across the each country that we work.

Our collective knowledge of government service delivery requirements, legislation and regulations, as well as our passion for innovation, has enabled us to continue to deliver superior value adding solutions geared to help our customers meet, achieve and exceed their service mandates.

Public Sector – Local Government - Solutions and Services

ERP is a complete Billing System including General Ledger , Budget & Estimating, ACB Payments, Bank Reconciliation, Consolidated Debtors, Creditors/Accounts Payable/Stores, Financial Statements, Investment Registers, Job Costing, Assets/Inventory, Supply Chain Management, Vehicle Costing, Personnel/HR, Payroll, Property Records/Valuations, CFO Dashboard, Rate Payers Portal, Suppliers Portal, Contracts Management, Electronic Document Management, Leave & Overtime, NT Reporting, Capital Budget. ERP is a fully GRAP complaint system.

Public Sector – Local Government - Overview

There is no doubt that local government has contributed significantly to the achievement of many social and economic development advances, often under challenging circumstances.

That being said, local government still faces a number of key challenges which can include effective financial management, debt management, performance management and achieving clean audit status.



Our solution also includes:

  • Debt Management - including Debt Collection, Debit Monitor, and Reporting.
  • Performance Management - including Budget Linking and Reporting.
  • ERP Consulting - including Reconciliations, VAT, Bank, Creditors, Debtors, Stores, Training, Stock Takes, Financial Statements, NT Reporting, Data Cleansing and Asset Imports.
  • Clean Audit - including System Audit, Audit Strategy and Controls, Data Analytics, ICT Policies and Frameworks.
  • Better management of commercial contracts;
  • Achieving greater outcomes through more effective collaboration and partnership working;
  • Enhancing measurement of outcomes though assessing social impact and value;
  • Exploring commercial opportunities;
  • Reducing technology risk exposures;
  • Safeguarding the public purse through fraud prevention and detection initiatives;
  • Fine tuning tax planning;
  • Finance function transformation;
  • A free insolvency support tool that is bespoke for local authorities;
  • Providing major project assurance;and
  • collaboration design, development, governance and assurance.


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