Send bulk SMS messages.

Sending bulk SMS should be your first choice if you need a reliable service to deliver your high volume text messages. If you’re looking to send bulk SMS messages in a single hit or want to send time or event triggered messages (such as SMS server alerts, or job scheduling texts), we can provide you with a trusted and reliable SMS service to get your messages out there.







Send Bulk SMS

Send SMS messages in bulk to your subscribers, group or multiple groups at once.

Unlimited Keywords

Get access to unlimited keywords! People can sign up for your text marketing by texting in a keyword.

Appointment Reminders

Schedule and send appointment reminders to your customers ensuring they won't forget about an appointment they made.







2-Way Messaging

2-way messaging allows existing subscribers to reply to your campaigns, send you text messages, and engage you in 2-way chat.

MMS / Picture Messaging

Paint the whole picture with rich media on every Text Message, with near-100% open rates and fast response times.

Campaign Analytics

Track your campaigns, look at which keywords are performing the best, new subscribers and unsubscribers over a certain period of time.

Data upload.  Fast & efficient.

You can upload data from various file formats - important for when sending multiple text messages to ensure that messages are sent quickly and efficiently and at the same time. You can also send thousands of messages in one go - our platform can handle it!

Contacts, groups & personalisation. Transform communication.

The ability to create groups allows contacts and groups to be selected so that messages can be sent to a large number of people at a time, either from a list of contacts or to all the users within a particular area. You can also personalise your messages easily by using our sophisticated mail merge feature, such as including the recipient’s name.

Message scheduling. Any date. Any time.

With SMS scheduling you can schedule all of your SMS messages - appointment reminders, promotions, greetings and notifications, in advance to ensure that messages are sent at a specific date and time. Text message scheduling is ideal for messages that need to be sent outside of working hours.

Message performance. It's second to none.

Our SMS gateway is directly connected to all the SA mobile networks - you can be assured that your message will be delivered fast. We commit to 90% of your messages being processed within 5 seconds and 95% within 20 seconds.